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Selecting the Right Battery and Storage Model with HOMER

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2018 03:53PM MDT
Products: HOMER Grid 1.1 and HOMER Pro 3.11

The HOMER® software can model a lot of different storage technologies, from pumped storage, to super capacitors, to any number of traditional and advanced battery chemistries. To achieve this, it uses a range of storage models that you can use to best match almost any storage technology you might want to model for your microgrid or behind-the-meter design.
There are five different storage models that you can select in the HOMER software:
  • Idealized Battery: good for modeling ideal batteries, many lithium-ion chemistries, supercapacitors, and pumped hydro,
  • Kinetic Battery: good for modeling traditional lead acid batteries, including VRLA, AGM, and flooded batteries,
  • Modified Kinetic Battery: good for precision modeling of almost any advanced chemistry battery, including almost all lithium-ion and advanced lead acid chemistries. This model is part of the Advanced Storage Module (ASM) and works really well with multi-year modeling,
  • Flow Battery: good for modeling batteries where you independently size the power and energy storage capabilities such as vanadium-redox batteries, and
  • Flywheel: good for modeling high-power, short duration technologies such as flywheels and supercapacitors.
HOMER Grid and Pro both come with many storage components that we have already modeled for you. You can always select a particular battery model that you would like to use by adding a storage component to your model, and selecting from the Complete Catalog.

In the Complete Catalog, you can see all of the storage choices available, the battery model that was used for the storage component, as well as capacity and performance metrics to help you select the right storage technology for your application. It will include both the storage components that we've created for you, as well as any storage components that you have created yourself in HOMER Pro
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