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Adding a tariff in HOMER Grid

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 04:46PM MDT
Product: HOMER Grid 1.1.1

Currently, we've integrated with a third party tariff database, which provides us tariffs for US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, for commercial and industrial tariffs. 

HOMER Grid, at this time, offers: 

  • Tariffs Available from a third-party Database: If you see the name of the electricity network and tariff name, select that option and click 'Ok'. Depending on which tariff you choose, you may be prompted to enter the average rate ($/kWh), which is the rate you pay to your energy retailer. This field is called 'Generation rate' and will appear below the 'Rate Settings' box (see screenshot at bottom). We are in the process of allowing more complexity in defining on- and off-peak pricing from the energy retailer. This fix will be available in the next week or so.
  • Simple Tariff Builder:  The simple tariff builder has the an option to enter a single $/kW demand charge, a single energy charge $/kWh, and a single fixed charge $/month.
  • Custom Tariff Builder: If you would like us to create a custom tariff that you can upload into your model under the 'Import Tariff' option, we can build a custom tariff which can include customized TOU rates, tiered rates, and/or ratcheted rates. It can be customized to your specifications. Please contact support@homerenergy.com for pricing.
  • There is not currently a way for you to manually enter a TOU tariff into HOMER Grid, but we're working on it and would appreciate your feedback.

Longer term, we are considering ways to add more tariff features to HOMER Grid. Please contact us if you have feedback on that.
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