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Comparing the Advanced and Standard Storage Models

Last Updated: May 23, 2016 04:32PM MDT
The Advanced Storage Module unlocks HOMER's Modified Kinetic Battery Model. There are two batteries built-in to the HOMER library that use the Modified Kinetic Battery Model. You can identify these batteries by the text "[ASM]" appended to the name. If you don't have the Advanced Storage Module, you can't add these batteries to your model, and you can't run Calculate with a model that contains any. You can still view, create, and edit batteries that use the Modified Kinetic Battery Model in the library without the Advanced Storage Module.

The Modified Kinetic Battery Model builds on the regular Kinetic Battery Model, adding the ability to model several important phenomena:
  • Rate-dependent losses
  • Decreasing performance as the component degrades*
  • Reduced capacity at cold temperatures
  • Cycle lifetime with depth of discharge (DOD)
  • Increased degradation rate at high temperatures
It is called the Modified Kinetic Battery Model because it is based on the Kinetic Battery Model, but it can be useful in modeling a range of other storage technologies too. The model is comprised of independent aspects (i.e. cycle life, temperature effects, etc) that combine to form the complete model. If you don't have enough data to define some aspects, or if certain aspects don't apply to the technology you are modeling, they can be disabled.

*In order to model decreasing performance of a storage device as it degrades over its lifetime, you also need the Multi-Year Module. Normally, HOMER simulates only a single year, and then extrapolates to calculate economics over an entire project lifetime. This makes HOMER fast and powerful for optimizing your system's architecture, but it assumes that every year will be exactly like the first one. The Multi-Year Module allows you to simulate all years in a project lifetime explicitly.

See http://www.homerenergy.com/modules/Multi_Year.html for more info on the Multi-Year Module.
See http://www.homerenergy.com/modules/Advanced_Storage.html for info on the Advanced Storage Module.
See the attached file "Modified_Kinetic_Battery_Model.pdf" for more technical detail. This article is also available with your copy of HOMER Pro, in the Help.
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