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PV cost sensitivity

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 02:42PM MDT

I am confused how to make sensitivity analysis of PV cost, and compare this with the diesel cost i. e the the impact of each other when price increse or decrease. I try to make this but the PV cost multiplier is confusing me. IF I use PV cost as sensitivity variable then the COE will become very high. Would you please tell me how it works.


The 'PV capital cost multiplier' variable is a multiplication factor.  HOMER multiplies the number(s) you enter in the capital cost column of the PV cost table by this factor.  So to model a scenario where the PV capital cost is 15% higher than you have entered in the cost table, enter a PV capital cost multiplier of 1.15.

Normally, when doing a sensitivity on a capital cost multiplier, you should also do a linked sensitivity on the replacements cost multiplier, so that both the capital and replacement costs increase in lockstep.  For  further information please look up "linked sensitivities" in the HOMER help file.


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