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Importing biomass resource data

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 02:49PM MDT

Should I be interested in importing biomass resource data for being use in HOMER and how can I properly format a file with this information?


I rarely use the biomass resource input window.  Each time I have analyzed a biomass power system, there has been an unlimited amount of biomass feedstock.  So I have simply defined my own fuel (by clicking the New button in the Generator Inputs window) with a very low carbon content and a very low price.  However, if you have a situation where the biomass feedstock is only available for part of the year, it makes sense to use the biomass resource input window.  You can either enter monthly values or you can import hourly data via a text file.  The format of the file is simple: one hourly value per line, with the first value corresponding to midnight-1am January 1, the second corresponding to 1am-2am January 1, and so on.  Importing hourly data makes sense with solar and wind resource data, but it doesn't seem like it would ever be necessary for biomass resource data, since the availability of the biomass feedstock is not intermittent and it can be stored.  However, it is possible.

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