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Using 10-minute wind speed data in HOMER

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 03:48PM MDT

Wind resources are usually measured in 10 minute intervals. Homer input is limited to 1 hr. This requires a great amount of data modification in order to import the data. Even an application that would accept the 10 minute data and then compress it to 1 hr average would be a nice feature.


Actually, HOMER is no longer limited to 1-hr time steps, so you do not have to convert your 10-minute wind data into hourly data before importing into HOMER.  You can import the 10-minute data directly into the Wind Resource Inputs window.

HOMER detects the time step each time you import time series load or resource data, and the time step from one data set does not have to match that of another data set.  You specify the simulation time step separately, on the System Control Inputs window.  If you import 10-minute wind data and 60-minute load data, and you simulate on a 10-minute time step, HOMER will divide each 60-minute load value into six identical 10-minute values.  If you simulate on a 60-minute time step, HOMER will aggregate six 10-minute wind speed values together into a single 60-minute value for each time step.  Or you could choose to simulate using a 30-minute time step, in which case it would aggregate the wind values and disaggregate the load values.  So it’s flexible.

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