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Zinc Bromide Battery (ZBB)

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 03:45PM MDT

The Zinc Bromide Battery (ZBB) is a type of flow battery that uses pumped zinc and bromide as the electrolytes that react in the cell stack to charge and discharge.  In HOMER, ZBBs are specified with:

- Nominal capacity in Ah that specifies how much energy may be stored in the battery -lifetime in years, which specifies the expected life of the components that are not part of the cell stack

- Cell stack lifetime in years, which specifies the expected life of the components related to the cell stack.  The cell stack is where the conversion of electric energy to and from chemical energy takes place.


Information about the remaining ZBB specifications may be found in the HOMER help sections on conventional batteries.


To achieve optimal ZBB operation in HOMER, it is important to set the dispatch strategy to 'cycle charging' and do not apply a setpoint state of charge.  To do this, go to the System Control Inputs window


- clear the checkbox labeled 'Load following'

- check the checkbox labeled 'Cycle charging'

- clear the checkbox labeled 'Apply setpoint state of charge'


For more information about ZBBs, please visit the manufacturer's website, http://www.zbbenergy.com/

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