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Bulk Charge

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 03:15PM MDT

When charging the batteries with a genset, does HOMER conduct a bulk charge followed by an adsorb charge?  Does it account for the different battery types?


HOMER doesn't model different phases of battery charging such as bulk and adsorb.  But it will taper the amount of power going into the battery bank as it approaches full charge.  Each time step it calculates the maximum battery charge power, which is a function of the properties of the battery and its state of charge.  The relevant properties are the kinetic battery model constants, the maximum charge rate, and the maximum charge current.

Please look up "battery charge power" in the index of the Help system for details.

Those battery properties will be different for different battery types, so that will affect the speed with which HOMER will charge (and discharge) the battery bank.  Different battery types will also have different costs, which will affect how HOMER dispatches the battery relative to the generator since its dispatch logic is based on minimization of cost. 
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