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Max. charge power battery

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 03:15PM MDT

Somehow dimensions got lost, battery max. charge power is far to high (x 10)

The maximum charge power is following the state of charge of the battery.

With the new Hoppecke data I get a strange thing. Hoppecke gives 300A as a max. charge current, means with 48V 14,4 kW charge

Now, although I have 2 Strings the max. charge power keeps to 14,4 kW, so that I get excess electricity and the battery is not filled till 100%.

What's going wrong here?


HOMER uses two constraints to limit battery charging. The Max charge current is a fixed limit that can never be exceeded.  It is mostly relevant when the battery is at a low state of charge.  The Max charge rate constrains the charging of the battery as it nears a full state of charge.  It is in units of A/Ah, where Ah refers to the remaining unfilled capacity. As the battery gets closer to full the headroom diminishes, so the Battery Max Charge Power goes down.  This simulates how real battery chargers work. 

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