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Can HOMER Pro model my engineering design precisely?

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 04:09PM MDT

Can Homer model a small district system including flow and return heat pipes and all components i.e. pumps, heat exchangers, valves, fittings, instruments etc.?

HOMER is a decision making tool for early stage conceptual design. It can help you find the mix of technologies that will achieve the lowest net cost over the project lifetime.

You would use HOMER before the detailed design stage to answer questions like:
-- "Would it be cost effective to include co-generation in my system, or is a simple boiler the cheapest solution?"
-- "What combination of generator capacities is best? Should I pair a medium generator with a small generator, or use a single large generator?"

You can also use HOMER to analyze an existing system when considering a retrofit or redesign. In this role, HOMER could help you answer questions such as:
-- "Can I expect a payback if I add a PV panel, new generator, battery, or some combination of these?"
-- "Should I replace my aging generator, or extend the electric grid to reach my location?"

HOMER is not intended to be used for detailed engineering design. We have carefully chosen which design details to include in the HOMER model for the most accurate optimization results. We have excluded many less impactful design details to maximize HOMER's speed and flexibility across different technologies and system architectures.

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