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How to download and install HOMER Legacy (v2.68)?

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2018 02:32PM MDT

Product: HOMER Legacy

This article explains how to download and install HOMER Legacy (v2.68). The download process delivers a zip file which contains a compressed installer. The installer must first be extracted (uncompressed) before it can be run. When run, the installer places the HOMER software on your computer in a working form.    Note: For compatibility with the HOMER website, we strongly recommend using either the Firefox or Chrome browser.

Part One: Download HOMER Legacy

Step 1 - Sign in to your HOMER account at users.homerenergy.com, navigate to DOWNLOAD/PURCHASE > Retired Products > HOMER Legacy.

Note: If you do not have a user account, please refer to Knowledgebase Article 10495 for instructions for creating a new user account.  


Step 2 - On the HOMER Legacy product page, click on the  Download HOMER Legacy  button, which takes you to the HOMER Legacy download page.


Step 3 - On the Download HOMER Legacy page, first click the checkbox to accept the End Users License Agreement. If you wish, you can view the agreement by clicking on the HOMER End Users License Agreement link. Then click the  Download HOMER Legacy  button.


Step 4 - A window appears which gives the option to  Open with  or  Save File The name of the file will begin with "HOMER268" and end with ".zip". Select the  Save File   button, then click  OK  to begin the download.


 Step 5 - Windows will automatically place the HOMER Legacy zip file in the Downloads directory on your computer. For the rest of the installation process you can leave the zip file here, or move it to another location of your choice, such as the desktop.


 Step 6 - The next step is to extract (uncompress) the installer from the downloaded zip file. Because Windows computers can be configured differently, the following three extraction methods are given.

                    Option A - On most users' computers, double-clicking the zip file will display a window like the one below. The right panel in this window displays the zip file's contents, in this case, a single executable file called HOMER268Beta.exe. Click the  Extract all files  link, and proceed to Step 8.


                     Option B - Another method is to right-click on the zip file. This will display a context menu like the one below with the  Extract All...  option. (Alternately, if your computer has a third party extraction tool--such as 7-Zip or WinRAR--the tool's menu options will also appear in this menu.) Click  Extract All...  and proceed to Step 8.


                      Option C - On some computers, neither left-clicking nor right-clicking the zip file will give the option to extract. If this is the case, carefully right-click over the file and hold the right button down, drag the file icon a short distance, and release the right mouse button. This should display a smaller context menu containing an  Extract...  option. Click on  Extract... and proceed to Step 8.


Step 7 - In the dialog box that appears, you can set the location where the extracted folder will be placed, but the default desktop location is fine. Click  Extract .





Part Two: Install HOMER Legacy


Step 8 - Open the installer folder, and double-click the installer file.


Step 9 - A harmless security warning widow will appear. Click  Run  to start the installer.


Step 10 - The installer now displays the following sequence of four windows. Click  Next .


Step 11 -  In the Setup dialog box, for "Select Destination Location" accept the default destination. Click  Next .


Step 12 - Click  Install .


Step 13 - The installation is complete. Click  Finish .


Step 14 - In the Start menu, click All Programs and you will now find HOMER 2.68 listed. Double-click HOMER to start the program.



Congratulations! You have successfully installed the HOMER Legacy software!









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